About Us

How we started 

It all started back in 2020 when my family used to buy olive oil soap. I didn’t like the quality. It wasn’t 100% natural. Since I have masters in biochemistry , I tried to make my own soap. I decided to complete my studies about soap and take courses about how to make eco-friendly soap and be organic and free of any chemical. I had many  trials. I wanted to quit but my family supported me and told me never to give up. So, I tried until I got the results that I wanted Natural handmade soap that moisturizes the skin. Now I have MERCI SAVON.

Vision :

Making natural soap in the approach of people worldwide.


Our Ambition is for merci savon’s company is become a pioneer company in the soap industry using natural ingredients, eco-friendly giving the skin a vital, fresh look made with love.


Merci Savon is addressing the lack of high-quality, organic soap products in the local  market. Currently, many individuals with sensitive skin and those who prefer eco-friendly products struggle to find soap products that meet their needs. The majority of soap production in the market contain synthetic chemicals that cause irritation and harm to environment. There is a growing demand for organic and sustainable soap products, and our handmade, plant-based soaps will satisfy need.

Our goal is to provide individuals with a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional soap products while promoting environment responsibility.