What benefits does glycerin soap offer?

What benefits does glycerin soap offer?

What benefits does glycerin soap offer?

Unlike many soaps, pure glycerin soap is all-natural. It doesn’t contain alcohol, fragrances, or other chemical-based ingredients that could irritate your skin.

This makes glycerin soap vegan-friendly and a great option for people with sensitive skin.

Your skin’s natural oils are often stripped during the bathing process, whether from hot water or harsh products. Glycerin can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying.

This may be especially beneficial if you experience drying conditions like:

  • Acne
  • Dermatitis (eczema)
  • Dry skin
  • rosacea

At the same time, glycerin is a good choice for anyone with oily or combination skin.

Is it really hypoallergenic?

Glycerin is considered nontoxic and environmentally friendly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hypoallergenic.

“Hyoallergenic” is a term that means a particular product isn’t likely to cause an allergic reaction. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t recognize this attribute or regulate the way this term is used.

That means that cosmetic manufacturers can label their products as hypoallergenic without having any scientific proof to support their claim.

Although pure glycerin isn’t likely to cause an allergic reaction. The only way to determine your allergy risk is to do a patch test before you do a full application.

Are there any drawbacks to consider?

Although glycerin soap is safe for all skin types,its humectant effects may be bothersome for people who have very oily skin. Doing a patch test on a particularly oily area can help you determine how it will affect your skin.

Glycerin easily absorbs water, so a bar of this soap may not last as long as conventional varieties. Taking it out of the shower after each use prevents it from dissolving under unintentional water spray.

Pure ingredients can also come at a cost. Synthetic-based soaps are cheaper to make, so they’re sold at lower prices. 

How to use glycerin soap

You can use glycerin soap every day as part of your regular skincare routine. Like other soaps, glycerin soap can cause stinging or burning if it gets into your eyes. If you exercise caution when cleansing your face, this shouldn’t be an issue.

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